About The Professional Pickleball Association Tour (PPA)

About The Professional Pickleball Association Tour (PPA)

Pickleball is a rapidly growing sport, but information about the Professional Pickleball Association Tour (PPA) can seem overwhelming. Did you know that PPA hosts nationwide tournaments and offers the largest payouts in pickleball? In this blog post, we will simplify everything you need to know: tournament structurenotable players, upcoming events and more! With this guide at your fingertips, navigating the exciting world of professional pickleball will be a breeze.

Overview of the Professional Pickleball Association Tour (PPA)

Are you intrigued by the game of pickleball and want to know more about its professional side? The Professional Pickleball Association Tour (PPA), currently being led by top players Ben Johns for Men’s categories, and Anna Leigh Waters in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles, is creating waves in the sports world.

You will gain insights into how this tour operates, who the notable players are, details about upcoming tournaments, and much more through this blog post. Join us as we take a deep dive into everything PPA!

How the PPA Tour Operates

The PPA Tour operates through a structured tournament format and a player rankings system based on points earned.

The Structure of the Tournaments

Tournaments on the PPA Tour follow a structured format divided into professional and amateur brackets. Each competition includes Pro Qualifier Draws where professionals compete to secure a spot in the Main Draw, as well as Points Draws for those who do not make it through.

Meanwhile, amateurs across all ages and skill levels fill out their own distinct brackets throughout the tournament duration. In categorizing each event, titles like PPA 2000, 1500 or 1000 refer to the number of PPA Points awarded to first-place winners in various categories.

These points contribute significantly towards determining top players for The Finals and title contenders for PPA World No.1 title under rankings presented by Southwest Rapid Rewards.

Player Rankings and Points System

The Professional Pickleball Association Tour uses a unique points system to determine player rankings. These rankings are constantly updated after each tournament and are based on a 52-week period. This means that the rankings reflect the points earned during the past year of play.

Ranking Factor Description
Points System The PPA Tour uses a point system to determine player rankings. Points are awarded for men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events. The amount of points awarded depends on the tournament tier.
Ranking Update Rankings are updated after each tournament, reflecting the performance of players in recent events.
52-Week Period Rankings are based on a 52-week period, meaning they reflect the points earned in the past year of play.
PPA World No. 1 The top eight professional players in each event qualify for The Finals, where they compete for the title of PPA World No. 1.

This system allows for a fair and dynamic competition, keeping the players motivated and the audience engaged as rankings can change with each tournament.

The Notable Players of the PPA Tour

The Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour showcases remarkable talents in the sport. Among them are:

  1. Ben Johns, a versatile player who tops the ranks in Men’s Doubles, Men’s Mixed Doubles, and Men’s Singles on the Carvana PPA Tour.
  2. Anna Leigh Waters, another accomplished athlete, currently holds pole position in Women’s Doubles and Women’s Mixed Doubles on the Carvana PPA Tour.
  3. Anna Bright stands as a formidable competitor, standing second in Women’s Singles on the same tour.
  4. Catherine Parenteau, known for her impressive skill set and determined playstyle, clinched victory alongside Waters at the PPA Championships in Women’s Doubles.
  5. Collin Johns showcased his talent when he successfully partnered with Ben Johns to win Men’s Doubles at the PPA Championships.

Upcoming Tournaments and Locations

The Professional Pickleball Association Tour (PPA) has some exciting tournaments coming up in the near future. Here are the upcoming tournaments and their locations:

  1. USA Pickleball National Championships Powered by Invited – This tournament will take place in Dallas, TX. It is one of the most prestigious events in pickleball.
  2. Hertz Gold Cup Presented by TIXR – Daytona, FL is where this tournament will be held. Players from all over will compete for the title and prize money.

The Inclusivity of the PPA Tour: Participation for All

The PPA Tour is dedicated to making pickleball accessible to players of all ages and skill levels. The tour offers amateur brackets, allowing anyone to join the competition regardless of their experience level.

This inclusivity extends to both singles and doubles events, ensuring that everyone has a chance to participate. The PPA Tour also works closely with the USAPA to ensure fair play by providing qualified referees and enforcing the rules of the game.

With its commitment to inclusivity, the PPA Tour is helping to grow the sport by giving everyone an opportunity to play at a professional level.

Behind the Scenes: Organizing the PPA Tour

The PPA Tour is a well-organized and meticulously planned event that takes place across the United States. To ensure smooth operations, the organizers carefully select 25 tournament stops in 14 different states for each calendar year.

These tournaments are categorized as PPA 2000, 1500, or 1000 events based on their level of competition. Behind the scenes, there are three professional brackets – Qualifier, Main, and Points Draws – where players compete to secure their spots in the finals.

In addition to professional brackets, there are also amateur brackets available for players of all ages and skill levels to participate in. This inclusivity contributes to the widespread popularity of pickleball and attracts a diverse range of participants from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Throughout each tournament, detailed scoring systems track player performances which ultimately determine individual rankings within the PPA Tour. The organization’s commitment to fair play ensures that every participant has an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and potentially climb up the rankings ladder with impressive results at these tour events.

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“Behind the Scenes: Organizing the PPA Tour”

The PPA Tour operates smoothly due to careful planning and organization by its dedicated team. With 25 tournament stops in various states each year, they ensure ample opportunities for players across America to compete at different levels – be it at a PPA 2000 event or a more accessible one like a PPA 1000 category event.

To maintain order during these tournaments, three types of professional brackets exist – Qualifier Draw (for anyone who registers), Main Draw (the primary competition) and Points Draw (to rank players based on performance).

Additionally, amateur brackets allow individuals of any age or skill level can participate.

With such inclusive participation options available at each tournament stop throughout this Pro Pickleball Association (PPA) tour helps fuel interest from both newcomers seeking new challenges while simultaneously nurturing talent among rising stars.

To determine player rankings fairly, a detailed scoring system tracks individual and team performances. This dedication to conducting the tour professionally ensures that players at all levels have equal opportunities and are well-represented.

Success Stories from the PPA Tour

  • Ben Johns, the current top – ranked player in multiple categories on the Carvana PPA Tour, has dominated the pickleball scene with his exceptional skills and strategic gameplay.
  • Anna Leigh Waters has showcased her talent by becoming the top – ranked player in both Women’s Doubles and Women’s Mixed Doubles, proving her versatility and prowess on the court.
  • Anna Bright has made a name for herself as the second – ranked player in Women’s Singles on the PPA Tour, consistently delivering outstanding performances and challenging her opponents.
  • With their exceptional teamwork and chemistry, Matt Wright and Riley Newman have emerged as one of the most formidable Men’s Doubles pairs on the PPA Tour, securing several victories and earning high rankings.
  • JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier have established themselves as rising stars in Men’s Doubles, impressing fans and competitors alike with their athleticism and strategic play.
  • In Women’s Doubles, Lucy Kovalova and Lea Jansen have displayed remarkable synergy, achieving significant success through their skillful shot-making and expert positioning on the court.
  • Tyson McGuffin has shown incredible determination and resilience throughout his career, overcoming challenges to become a top-ranked player in Men’s Singles on the PPA Tour.
  • James Ignatowich has overcome a major injury setback to return to professional pickleball successfully. His dedication to rehabilitation paid off as he continues to make an impact on the PPA Tour.

(Note: The “Success Stories from the PPA Tour” section will end here without a wrap-up.)

The Impact of the PPA Tour on the Growth of Pickleball

The PPA Tour has had a significant impact on the growth of pickleball. With its calendar of 25 tournaments in 14 different states, the tour has brought increased visibility and excitement to the sport.

This has attracted players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, fostering a sense of inclusivity and community within the pickleball world. The PPA Rankings Presented by Southwest Rapid Rewards have also played a crucial role in driving growth.

By encouraging competitiveness and providing a clear system for player rankings, the tour motivates players to improve their skills and strive for excellence. Additionally, the high payouts offered by the PPA Tour have attracted top players and increased competition levels in each tournament.

Notably, the PPA Championships in Las Vegas set a record for pickleball history with its impressive prize money. As viewership continues to rise and more players register for tournaments, it is evident that the PPA Tour is making a lasting impact on the growth of pickleball as a popular sport enjoyed by people across various age groups and skill levels.


In conclusion, the Professional Pickleball Association Tour (PPA) is a thrilling pro tour of pickleball that offers exciting tournaments and showcases some of the top-ranked players in the sport.

With upcoming events like the USA Pickleball National Championships and the Hertz Gold Cup, there are plenty of opportunities for both professional and amateur players to participate.

The PPA Tour continues to contribute to the growth of pickleball and provides an inclusive platform for players at all levels.


What is the Professional Pickleball Association Tour (PPA)?

The PPA or Professional Pickleball Association Tour is a series of professional and amateur singles, doubles, and mixed doubles pickleball competitions at various locations.

Where can I watch the Pro Tour of Pickleball?

You can see top-ranked players like Federico Staksrud, Pablo Tellez, Jessie Irvine among many others compete in venues such as Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort and Darling Tennis Center during the tour.

Are there different categories in these tournaments?

Yes! The PPA organizes various categories including Men’s and Women’s Pro Singles, Doubles, Mixed Pro Doubles and Senior Open among others to cater for pro players as well as amateur players.

How can I know about live scores and updates from these pickleball tournaments?

Live Scores are available for all events including Selkirk Texas Open, Guaranteed Rate PPA Championships along with Men’s and Women’s Pro Championships under the tour on their official website.

Is there any prize money for participating in these tournaments?

All participants who register to be paid receive appearance fees based on their performance; this could extend up to $1500 even if you’re just a round of 16 finisher!

Does PPA only organize professional level events?

No! Alongside showcasing top-rated professionals like Julian Arnold or AJ Koller,it also promotes pickleball sportsmanship by hosting Amateur Opens like Stratusphere Gin Hilton Head Amateur Open which includes games like men’s & women’s amateur doubles.