Best Elongated Pickleball Paddles

Looking for a way to improve your pickleball game? Elongated paddles could be the change you need. These specialized paddles provide extra reach and powerperfect for singles players or those seeking a little oomph in their shots.

Discover our top picks for elongated pickleball paddles, learn how they can elevate your gameplay, and find out which one suits your unique style best. It’s time to step up your game!


ONIX Stryker 4 Pickleball Paddle

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Price *$79.99 Sold ByOnix Shop Amazon
87 Overall Score
The Onix Stryker is a great beginner paddle for players newer to the game. The oversized paddle offers a very large sweet spot without it being too heavy. It does come with a large edge guard to protect the paddle. Overall its very versatile for a beginner to intermediate looking for a larger paddle.

Product Details


Grip Size : 4 1/2 inchesFrame Material : GraphiteWeight: 6.9-7.4 oz.Edge Guard: Yes


Good overall beginner paddleUSAPA ApprovedStrong Edge Guard


Not ideal for pros looking for extreme power, control and spin

Gearbox CX14E Pickleball Paddle

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Price *$199.99 Sold ByGearbox Shop Amazon
95 Overall Score
Gearbox makes a ton of elongated paddles but we've found the CX14E is arguably the best. It truly is a work of art and looks as such. The paddle is elongated coming in at 16-5/8" by 7-3/8" and comes with Gearbox’s #1 SST ribbed core technology that allows for improved stability and overall performance. The reach is very good and not overbearing. The long handle length is definitely a plus as well. This does not have an edge guard which gives it a sleek design but can be a con for newer players. If your looking for another gearbox elongated paddle with an edge guard check out the GBX series. 

Product Details


Paddle Face: 3K woven carbon fiberGrip Size : 3 5/8" or 3 15/16"Weight: 8 OzThickness: 14mmHandle Length: 5-5/8"Paddle Core: Patented Carbon Fiber Chamber


USAPA Approved1 Year WarrantySSTCore Technology (Great power, control and spin)Edgeless for a sleek designHyper-Bite Spin Technology (For good spin)Large Sweet Spot


On the expensive side

P-One Pickleball Paddle

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Price *$98.00 Sold ByNicol Shop Amazon
90 Overall Score
P-One is arguably the best bang for your buck paddle on this list. It comes with similar features as all the leading brands at half the cost.  One unique feature of the P-One is its aerodynamic curve at the top of the face. This allows for less drag when swinging. The paddle does feature a strong frosted carbon fiber face and a soft perforated grip.

Product Details


Grip Size : 5 1/4"Material : Carbon FiberDimensions: 16.34"L x 7.4"WThickness: 16mmGrip Circumference : 4.25"Weight: 8oz


USAPA ApprovedSoft GripT700 Premium Japanese Carbon FiberLong gripComfortable Swing


GAMMA Sports NeuCore Pickleball Paddle

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Price *$139.99 Sold ByGamma Sports Shop Amazon
89 Overall Score
Looking for an elongated pickleball paddle made in the USA with good spin and extreme power? Than the Gamma Nuecore might be for you. This paddle is great at the intermediate level. The textured fiberglass surface gives it very good control for a balanced playstyle. The NeuCore Technology  is a large cell core that makes for a quieter pop.

Product Details


Grip Size : 4 1/8 inchesFace Material : FiberglassCore Material: GraphiteWeight: 8 OzDimensions: 15.88"L x 8"W


USAPA ApprovedSound Dampening CoreGood Spin


Only comes in one color

Engage Pursuit Pro MX

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Price *$259.99 Sold ByEngage Shop Amazon
96 Overall Score

Overview: After a failed product release of the Engage Pursuit Ultra, the team at Engage went back to the drawing board and released a new and improved line called the Engage Pursuit MX. The MX Series are foam injected elongated paddles without thermoform technology. The Engage Pursuit is the most expensive paddle currently on the market with a $260 price tag.

Performance: Engage went all out with the features on this one. The elongated paddle provides good reach without it feeling too lopsided, their vertex barrier injected foam edge technology provides noticeably good weight distribution and vibration control, and their "counter balance" technology provides amazing power. The MX series can produce spin above 2,000 RPM with solid power. This engage paddle is not thermoformed so it doesn’t feel as stiff compared to most paddles on the market. The only downside to this is that it does feel poppy making mid court resets challenging. It has excellent plow through with a swing weight of 121.

Product Details


Weight: 7.5-7.8 or 7.9-8.3 ozGrip Size: 4-1/4"Dimensions: 10.75"L x 7.5"WFrame Material: T700 Carbon FiberGrip: Ultra perforated Cushion


USA MadeUSAPA ApprovedLight, quick, powerful



Head Radical XL Pickleball Paddle

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Price *$99.95 Sold ByHead
89 Overall Score
HEAD has constantly done a good job pushed athletic equipment into the modern era. The Head Radical XL is their newest product release for players looking for an elongated pickleball paddle. Aside from its long design for a larger sweet spot, it has excellent pop, texture for spin, and extremely lightweight. Head's CHS (Graphite/Carbon Hitting Surface) gives it great control.

Product Details


Grip Size: 4 1/8 inCore Material: PolymerWeight: 7.6 ouncesHandle Length: 5 inchesDimensions: 17"x7"Surface Material: GraphiteGrip: PU HydroSorb ProTextured: Yes


Good SpinSoft gripUSAPA ApprovedOTC (Optimized Tublar Core)2 colors


Shape takes getting used to if you don't use an elongated paddle

Paddletek Phoenix G6 Pickleball Paddle

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Price *$69.99 Sold ByPaddletek Shop Amazon
87 Overall Score
Light enough for kitchen exchanges yet powerful enough to drive the ball across the court, the Phoenix G6 boasts a large sweet spot along with better accuracy, forgiveness and control. Our PolyCore interior combines with an embedded graphite layer to dampen vibration and sound for more comfortable play. Manufactured in the USA.  

Product Details


Weight : 7.8-8.1 ozLength: 15 ⅝"Width: 7.75"Thickness: 12.7 mmHandle Length: 5"Grip Size: 4.25"Face Material: Velvet textured carbonateCore : Graphite polymer composite honeycomb Grip : Ultra cushion high tack performanceEdge Guard: Yes


Large sweet spotUSAPA approved1 year warrantyTexture allows for good spin


To activate coverage, customers must register their paddles within 14 days of purchase at


Understanding Elongated Pickleball Paddles

Elongated pickleball paddles offer benefits such as a larger sweet spot and extra reach, but also have drawbacks like less maneuverability.

Benefits of Elongated Paddles

Elongated pickleball paddles offer key advantages to enhance gameplay. One of the greatest benefits is the extra reach these paddles provide, favoured by singles players striving for that hard-to-reach shot.

Not only do they extend your arm’s range on the court, but their unique shape also focuses power into a tighter sweet spot. This increases both speed and drive when hitting the ball, resulting in stronger returns and more aggressive plays.

Finally, elongated paddles have a larger sweet spot compared to standard paddles which is ideal for singles tournaments where power per hit can be game-changing. These attributes make elongated pickleball paddles a worthy consideration for any player especially those seeking competitive edge while adhering to USAPA compliance rules in tournament play.

Drawbacks of Elongated Paddles

Elongated paddles are not universal in their appeal, and they come with certain inconveniences as well. The tight sweet spot is a significant disadvantage, increasing the chance of errant hits along the sides and top of the paddle face.

Missed swings or off-center strikes can result due to this kind of setup.

Furthermore, these paddles may not be suitable for all types of gameplay styles. For instance, players who rely heavily on finesse shots such as lobs, dinks, and kitchen play might find it challenging to use an elongated paddle effectively.

The design does allow for more power per hit but at the expense of control over more delicate maneuvers in pickleball gameplay.

How to Choose an Elongated Pickleball Paddle

When choosing an elongated pickleball paddle, consider the dimensions, surface and core material, balance, price, and USAPA compliance.


Elongated pickleball paddles showcase dimensions that make them stand out in the world of pickleball equipment. These distinctive paddles typically measure between 16 to 20 inches long, providing extra reach that could be pivotal during gameplay.

However, they compensate for their elongated length with a narrower width of about seven inches. This allows players more finger placement options and an increased sweet spot which drives more power into each hit.

Despite these attributes, those who primarily rely on finesse shots may find these dimension specifications less suitable due to their specific playstyle requirements.

Surface Material

Different pickleball paddles feature various types of surface materials. The most common ones include composite, graphite or carbon fiber, aluminum, and hybrid. Each of these materials can considerably shape your gaming experience.

For example, the HUDEF Elongated Pickleball Paddle offers an affordable option with a durable carbon fiber surface that enhances paddle control and power. Whether you need to focus on finesse or drive is determined by your gameplay style and the chosen material’s influence on the sweet spot and overall performance.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand how different surfaces impact play before making a selection.

Core Material

The core material of a pickleball paddle greatly affects how it performs on the court. There are several options to choose from, including polymer/polypropylene, Nomexaluminum, and carbon fiber.

Each material has its own unique characteristics that impact gameplay. For example, paddles with polypropylene honeycomb cores like the Selkirk Amped Invikta and HUDEF Hammer offer improved control and durability.

On the other hand, Nomex cores provide excellent power per hit. Aluminum cores are lightweight but may lack in touch and finesse. Carbon fiber cores combine strength and lightness for an optimal balance of power and control on the pickleball court.

When selecting an elongated paddle, considering the core material is crucial as it can significantly affect your playing style and overall performance. Different materials offer different benefits in terms of power, control, weight distribution, and durability.


Elongated pickleball paddles offer a carefully balanced combination of power and speed. The balance of the paddle is crucial for players looking to achieve better control and accuracy in their shots.

With an elongated shape, these paddles provide a longer face, which allows for more flexibility in finger placement options. However, it’s important to note that finesse shots like lobs, dinks, and kitchen play may require more practice with this type of paddle due to its specific balance characteristics.

Different models of elongated paddles offer various levels of balance and control, so players can choose one that suits their playing style and preferences.


Elongated pickleball paddles come in a range of prices, starting from around $50 and going up to approximately $250. The price often depends on factors such as the brand, materials used, and additional features offered by the paddle.

It is important to find a balance between your budget and the quality you are looking for in a paddle. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, there are options available at various price points that can suit your needs and preferences.

Consider your playing style, skill level, and personal preferences when determining how much you are willing to invest in an elongated pickleball paddle.


All the best elongated pickleball paddles mentioned in this article are USAPA-compliant. This means that they meet the standards set by the USA Pickleball Association, ensuring fair play and compatibility with tournament regulations.

When choosing a paddle, it is important to consider USAPA compliance if you plan on participating in official tournaments or want to ensure your equipment meets industry standards.

By selecting a USAPA-compliant paddle, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are playing within the rules and using a high-quality paddle designed for competitive gameplay.


What are the benefits of using an elongated pickleball paddle?

Elongated paddles provide extra reach, making them popular among singles players. They also offer more power and speed when driving the ball.

Are there any drawbacks to using an elongated paddle?

The sweet spot on an elongated paddle is slightly smaller than on a standard paddle, which increases the chance of errant hits along the sides and top of the face.

How do I choose the right size for an elongated pickleball paddle?

Consider your gameplay style and preferences when choosing a size. Elongated paddles typically range from 16 to 20 inches in length.

What factors should I consider when selecting an elongated paddle?

Some important factors include dimensions, surface material, core material, balance, price, and USAPA-compliance.