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Are you starting to feel like your pickleball skills are outgrowing your beginner paddle? Congratulations! This means that you have entered the intermediate stage of pickleball and are ready for a more professional pickleball paddle.

Your performance on the court can be greatly impacted by your choice of paddle. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect intermediate pickleball paddle. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the best intermediate pickleball paddles for 2024.

Category Paddles
Best Overall JOOLA Method CTS 12 Pickleball Paddle
Best For Control SLK Omega Pickleball Paddle
Best For Spin Big Dill Original Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle
Best Lightweight Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle
Best Under $100 Play Nettie Pro Control/Power Pickleball Paddle
Best For Beginners On Holiday Pickleball paddle
Best For Pros Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle

Our Favorites

JOOLA Method CTS 12 Pickleball Paddle

Price * Sold By
Price *$99.95 Sold ByJoola USA Shop Amazon
85 Overall Score
For the novice player seeking the most power and control possible. It gives off a lot of spin and has a sizable sweet spot. Increased edge guard protection to aid in maintaining the paddle core's structural integrity and preventing surface delamination. The rough Carbon Flex3 surface grabs the ball to increase spin. Reduces vibration and has a wide sweet spot that is perfect for dinks, blocks, and drives. It also has incredible feedback, feel, and control.

Product Details


Avg. Weight: 8.2 ozLength: 15.5”Width : 8.3”Thickness: 12 mmHandle Length: 5.5”Handle Shape: ElongatedGrip Size: 4” (may vary)Face Material: Carbon touch surfaceCore: Honeycomb polymer-smoothShape: TraditionalSpin: 85/100Grip: Perforated sure-gripEdge Guard: YesColors: 1


USAPA approvedGenerous sweet spotControl rating 93/100Power rating 86/100Spin rating 85/100


Limited warranty- 6 monthsPaddle is a bit shorter than others

SLK Omega Pickleball Paddle

Price * Sold By
Price *$128.00 Sold BySelkirk Shop Amazon
90 Overall Score
Low profile, edgeless paddle design. The DuraEdge technology is intended to prolong the paddle's lifespan. Huge sweet spot offering amazing power without sacrificing control. produced in the USA.

Product Details


Weight: 7.7-8.0 ozLength: 16"Width: 7.85"Thickness: .5"Handle Length: 4.85"Handle Shape: TennisGrip Size: 4.25"Face Material: GC9-Flex Dual Carbon and Fiberglass Core: Rev-Core Power Polymer Edge Guard: No


High amount of spinWell balanced. Head neutral.Similar to the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air at a much lower price pointUSAPA approvedControlLarge sweet spot


A tad lightEdgeless design makes the paddle prone to scratchedCan lose power and control if hitting on the edge

Big Dill Original Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

Price * Sold By
Price *$89.99 Sold ByBig Dill Shop Website
86 Overall Score
Are you sick of dull paddles? With amazing designs that make you smile every time you play a game, this business brought the fun factor into functionality. But fear not—the paddles are balanced and adaptable to suit a wide range of players.

Product Details


Weight: 7.8 ozLength: 15.6"Width: 7.8"Thickness: .5"Handle Length: 4.75"Grip Size: 4.5"Face Material: Carbon fiberCore: Polypropylene honeycombGrip: Padded, absorbentEdge Guard: Yes


Limited lifetime warrantyUSAPA approvedCover includedUSA based company


30 day return period if unusedFace is smooth (non textured)States the paddle is for all playing levels, but it is best for beginners to intermediate

Paddletek Tempest Wave II Pickleball Paddle

Price * Sold By
Price *$129.99 Sold ByPaddletek Shop Amazon
90 Overall Score
Graphite is used in the core of the Paddletek Tempest Wave II's Tempest PolyCore, which reduces vibrations while maintaining the paddle's lightweight design. Playing at the net is where this paddle shines. This paddle will appeal to those who take great pleasure in their strategic play and control. This model isn't what you need if you're searching for a power paddle. A significant improvement over many novice paddles is offered by the Tempest Wave II. This paddle is a great option for an intermediate player who wants to improve their accuracy and ball control given its affordability.

Product Details


Weight: 7.4-7.8 ozLength: 15 ⅞”Thickness: 12.7mmHandle Length: 5.25 ”Grip Size: 4.25”Face Material: GraphiteCore: High Grade Carbon Fiber Polymer Composite HoneycombGrit: TexturedGrip: Perforated -High tack performance grip


Available in 5 colorsTextured grit surfaceUSAPA approvedLightweight with low vibrationLimited lifetime guarantee


Average spin for more advanced playersNot optimal for power

Play Nettie Pro Control/Power Pickleball Paddle

Price * Sold By
Price *$79.99 Sold ByNettie Shop Website
84 Overall Score
We can state with confidence that the Play Nettie Pro paddle is a game-changer in the pickleball world after using it extensively. While the pro-control utilizes 3k twill carbon fiber, the pro-power uses 18k twilled raw carbon fiber. This is the most advanced surface material technology available for pickleball paddles. The premium carbon fiber surface is the toughest available. Their pro power paddle, which is marginally thinner but still offers more pop and power, is my personal favorite. All things considered, the handle is smooth, the design is quite clean, and the performance is on par with paddles in the same price range.

Product Details


Weight: 7.9-8.1 ozLength: 15.75”Width: 7.75”Thickness: 13 mmFace Material: 18K Twilled Carbon FiberCore: Polymer HoneycombGrip: Vegan leather, Perforated Sweat Proof , CushionedColors: 4


USAPA ApprovedOption to purchase as a set of 2 (paddles, balls and headbands)Gift box for the set make a wonderful gift presentationComfortable grip



On Holiday Pickleball paddle

Price * Sold By
Price *$70.00 Sold ByOn Holiday Shop Website
83 Overall Score
With its colorful and whimsical design that includes waves, beach chairs, and palm palms, the On Holiday Pickleball Paddle sticks out and gives your gaming a tropical feel. This paddle has a playful look, but it's made for serious performance. Its fiberglass face and robust polypropylene core make it lightweight and strong. Beginners looking for better accuracy and consistency will find its wider shape, which offers a larger sweet spot, ideal. It guarantees hours of comfortable play for players of all skill levels with a slightly smaller circumference and a comfortable cushioned grip.

Product Details


Material: FiberglassCore: HoneycombGrip: Condensed foamGrip Size: 4.25"Weight: 7.5 - 8 OZ


Good for power


Not USAPA approved

Selkirk Amped S2 Pickleball Paddle

Price * Sold By
Price *$150.00 Sold BySelkirk Shop Amazon
92 Overall Score
With its broad face and short grip, the Selkirk Amped S2 paddle is perfect for beginning to intermediate players. The paddle comes with a choice of grips and weights. Among the Amped portfolio, the S2 boasts the largest face. Fiberflex technology and a thicker core work together to reduce vibration. The well-balanced Amped S2 paddle provides good control and a large sweet spot. It does have medium power and considerable top spin. But, until you have learned control, you should avoid playing with a lot of strength.

Product Details


Weight: 7.4-8.4 ozLength: 15.75”Handle Length: 4.5 ”Face Material: FiberglassCore: X5 honeycomb polypropyleneGrit: Textured


USAPA approvedLimited lifetime warrantyMade in the USAGood for small handsVery large face=excellent sweet spot


Short handle

Best Intermediate Pickleball Buyer’s Guide

The pickleball paddle is the number one essential piece of equipment for pickleball players and here we go over a few specifics for choosing the right pickleball paddle for an intermediate player.

  • Weight: Weight is the other facet of your paddle that can really impact how much control you have, and how much power you can generate. A medium-weight paddle is a reasonable compromise for the intermediate player.
  • Core: The core of the paddle is one of the most significant aspects. The core can be either polymer or composite. Polymer cores make a softer feeling paddle that gives you more touch and control. Composite cores are denser, making a harder paddle that gives you more power. If you are an intermediate player, go with a paddle that has a composite core to add power to your shots.
  • Grip: The paddle will be uncomfortable and you’ll lose control if it’s too small. You’ll experience muscle fatigue if the grip circumference is too large. The best way to do this is to reach into a point halfway through the shaft’s length with your relaxed grip: there should be room for your index finger to fit between your palm and tip of your fingers.
  • Design: On the other hand, design refers to the last aspect of the paddle. A person’s preference can lead them to select a traditional, rectangle-shaped or a modern, more elongated paddle shape. One must try out various designs before they can conclude which one fits their comfort zone and is most natural for them.

The Best Pickleball Paddle For Intermediate Players— Things to Consider

1. The Face Size

The face size of a paddle matters the most. However, you get options of different sizes, from regular, narrower ones to longer, square ones when looking for that perfect pickleball paddle. However, among all the options, the square paddle is the one that is most helpful for beginners to intermediate players when taking shots because of their bigger sweet spots, i.e., the part where you hit the ball.

Paddles with narrow face sizes are easier to move, but your aim might need to be more accurate.

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2. Material of the Paddle

When looking for the best pickleball paddle, the material it is made of really matters a lot. The material of a paddle decides how well it will work regardless of the size of the pickleball court.

Pickleball paddles are mostly made from—

Wood the first material used, heavy, and challenging to handle.
Graphite light material that gives good power
Aluminum Lightweight with great control.
Fiberglass mix of power and control.

Remember, when choosing the material keep your playing style in mind—whether you like attacking or defending, is important.

the Grip Length of the Handle

3. The Grip/Length of the Handle

The most important part of your paddle is the handle. The better the grip the better your shot. Make sure your grip is neither too tight nor too loose—so you can hold your paddle confidently while playing.

4. The Weight of the Paddle

The weight of a pickleball paddle is very important, especially when it comes to intermediate players. The paddle with the right weight helps players to hit the ball harder without any difficulty.

For example, a paddle that is heavy can be difficult to handle or move while playing. On the other hand, if it is too lightweight, hitting the ball with full power and speed might be challenging too. Therefore, paddles weighing around 5-8 ounces are best for intermediate players. They are not only easy to handle but also have the right and appropriate amount of strength to hit the ball hard enough.

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The Importance of Getting Yourself the Right Paddle

Improves Performance—

  • Selecting the right paddle is like almost winning the match. It not only improves your playing ability but also helps get the right shot.
  • The right weight, balance, and design of a paddle enhance the ability to control the ball and showcase your playing strategies effortlessly.

A Hit or a Miss Depends on Your Paddle—

  • In pickleball, the result of every hit depends on your paddle. The comfortable grip and the right weight can only decide whether your shots are powerful or not.

You Can Score Better with a Suitable Paddle:

  • The right paddle is the one whose design and specifications blend seamlessly with your playing style and technique. If you are a player who prefers finesse and control while playing, a paddle with a smaller hitting surface might be a great choice. However, a larger hitting surface might work best for players who are good at power shots.
  • When your paddle compliments your playing style it is easier to win a match.

The Right Paddle Provides an Enjoyable and Satisfying Playing Experience:

  • Playing with the right paddle gives you a feeling of joy and excitement while going for a match. It also decreases the chances of tiered hands or wrist strain.

Take time to choose the right paddle that aligns with your playing style and requirements to improve your pickleball game.

Final Thoughts— Compare to Find the Best Pickleball Paddle For Intermediate Players with Pickleball Advisor!

best Pickleball Paddle For Intermediate Players


Picking the best pickleball paddle for intermediate players is extremely important as it can help them improve their game and make the journey from an intermediate to a professional player much easier.

Luckily, with Pickleball Advisor, you can easily compare before you make your decision. We help you figure out which paddle works best for you and take your pickleball journey as an intermediate to the next level.


What pickleball paddle grip size is best for Intermediate players?

The best grip size depends on how big the palms of your hands are and also what feels comfortable to hold while playing. Usually, a grip that’s approximately 4 to 4 ½ inches works well for most players including the intermediates.

What face material works best for intermediate pickleball players?

It is mostly recommended that Intermediate players should consider using paddles made of fiberglass or carbon fiber.

How does the size of the handle impact a paddle’s performance?

A longer handle gives you more power for strong shots, especially if you use both hands for backhands.

Can intermediate players use longer pickleball paddles?

Yes, longer paddles are a good choice for intermediate players. It gives you more power and control, especially if you use both hands for backhand shots.

How does a raw carbon fiber paddle boost control and power?

The design and high-quality grip ensure a consistent performance with power and control.

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