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Vatic Pro V7 Carbon Fiber

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The Vatic Pro 7 offers a thermoformed one piece heat compressed T700 raw carbon fiber paddle with edge foam injection. This unibody technology provides plenty of spin, pop and power. The surface provides a long-lasting grit due to the heat-press technology. The handle consists of two polyurethane inserts that absorb vibration. It has an elongated shape with a swing weight of 119. If you prefer a standard shape, give the Vatic Pro Flash 14mm paddle a try. If you’re used to playing with a Gen. 1 carbon paddle, you’ll notice a lot more pop. Due to the foam injection, this paddle provides balanced control. Again, keep in mind, you will need to learn control if you’re coming from a Gen 1 paddle. This paddle offers a terrific blend of power, spin and control for the price point.

Product Details


Face Material: T700 carbon fiber/heat compressedCore : Polymer honeycomb cellsGrit: YesWeight: 8.1-8.5ozEdge Guard: Anti abrasion TPUHandle Length: 5.3"


USAPA approvedOne piece constructionReduced vibration technologyThermoforming seal with foamNeoprene cover includedGreat Power, pop, and spin


May have a learning curve due to its power3 month warranty

Vatic Pro Prism Flash

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92 Overall Score
The amount of value Vatic puts into this paddle under $100 is truly mind-blowing. The balance of control of this unibody without being thermoformed is impressive. This paddle feels soft with a low swing weight. Overall the Prism has a very similar spec chart to the Hyperion at half the cost.

Product Details


Material: Toray T700 Carbon FiberBody: Unibody with foam injected wallsWeight: 7.9-8.2ozDimensions : 16.3" x 7.7"Grip Circumference: 4.125"Handle Length: 5.3"Thickness: 14mm and 16mm


Heat compressed texturingUSAPA ApprovedSoft Grip3 Month Warranty


Located in Orange County, California, Vatic is known as one of the leading manufacturers in high-performance pickleball paddles. Vatic currently sells 5 different paddles in the $100-$180 range. Vatic paddles are similar to the Hyperion CFS 16 however, offer slightly more control.

Vatic Pro paddles stand out due to their thermoformed construction, foam-injected walls, and Toray T700 carbon fiber, providing a hybrid shape for power and lightweight feel with an aerodynamic design.

These features set them apart from other pickleball paddles on the market.

Thermoformed construction

Thermoformed construction sets the Vatic Pro Pickleball Paddle apart, using cutting-edge technology to create a sturdy and responsive body. This method involves heating plastic materials and molding them over a specific form to produce a seamless and durable design.

Such construction ensures consistent quality across each paddle, providing players with reliable performance during intense matches.

The use of thermoforming in making the Vatic Pro paddle allows for precision in shaping the paddle’s dimensions, contributing significantly to its aerodynamic efficiency. It results in a lighter yet stronger frame that can withstand powerful shots while giving players greater swing speed.

By integrating this advanced technique into their manufacturing process, these paddles strike an excellent balance between power and control, essential for competition-grade equipment.

Foam-injected walls

The Vatic Pro Pickleball Paddle incorporates foam-injected walls to enhance its performance. These walls provide a responsive feel, reducing vibration and maximizing power transfer with every hit.

By infusing the core with foam, the paddle achieves a perfect balance of control and power for players seeking precision in their shots. The foam-injected walls also contribute to the overall durability of the paddle, ensuring that it can withstand punishing drives and overheads without compromising its performance.

Next up is “Toray T700 carbon fiber,” which complements the innovative design by offering unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio for exceptional gameplay.

Toray T700 carbon fiber

Using advanced Toray T700 carbon fiber, the Vatic Pro Pickleball Paddle offers exceptional strength and stiffness while maintaining a lightweight design. This high-quality material enhances the paddle’s performance by providing powerful shots without compromising control or maneuverability.

The carbon fiber construction also ensures durability, making the Vatic Pro Paddle a reliable choice for players seeking long-lasting equipment that can withstand intense gameplay.

Crafted with precision using raw carbon fiber from Toray T700, this specialized construction technology gives the Vatic Pro Paddle a competitive edge. The resulting combination of power and finesse makes it an ideal choice for avid pickleball enthusiasts who value performance and reliability in their gear.

Hybrid shape for power and lightweight feel

Crafted with a hybrid design, the Vatic Pro pickleball paddle combines power and lightweight maneuverability. The innovative shape enhances your swing speed while ensuring solid performance on court.

This dynamic balance allows players to deliver powerful shots with increased accuracy and control, making it an ideal choice for competitive play.

The unique construction of the paddle’s hybrid shape not only provides excellent power but also ensures a lightweight feel, reducing strain during extended matches. With this advanced design, players can confidently dominate their opponents while maintaining agility and precision throughout each game.

Aerodynamic design

The Vatic Pro pickleball paddle features an aerodynamic designreducing air resistance for faster swings and more powerful hits. The streamlined shape allows players to move the paddle through the air with less effort, enhancing overall control and maneuverability on the court.

With its innovative aerodynamic design, this paddle is engineered to optimize performance and responsiveness.

Crafted for competitive play, the aerodynamic design of the Vatic Pro pickleball paddle minimizes drag, enabling players to generate increased speed without compromising accuracy or power.

Performance and Durability

The Vatic Pro Pickleball Paddle offers a perfect balance of power and control, making it ideal for players looking to elevate their game. With its spin technology and forgiving design, this paddle provides exceptional performance on the court.

Plus, its durability ensures that it will withstand the demands of competitive play.


The Vatic Pro Pickleball Paddle offers impressive power thanks to its hybrid shape and Toray T700 carbon fiber construction. This combination allows players to generate strong, controlled shots with minimal effort, making it an excellent choice for those who want a paddle that delivers power without sacrificing control.

The foam-injected walls also contribute to the paddle’s power by providing a solid and stable surface for striking the ball, ensuring consistent performance in every game.

When it comes to performance on the pickleball court, power is just one aspect of what makes a great paddle. Next, we’ll take a closer look at the control features of the Vatic Pro Paddle and how they enhance your gameplay experience.


The Vatic Pro Pickleball Paddle offers exceptional control during play, allowing players to precisely direct the ball with ease. The innovative design and construction ensure a balanced distribution of power and control, enabling players to maintain accuracy without compromising on hitting strength or speed.

With its hybrid shape and aerodynamic features, this paddle provides players with superior maneuverability for precise placement on the court.

Crafted with foam-injected walls and a Toray T700 carbon fiber core, the Vatic Pro Paddle facilitates excellent ball handling while maintaining stability during shots. This combination of materials gives players better command over their shots, making it an ideal choice for those seeking optimal control and finesse in their game.


Transitioning from control to spin, the Vatic Pro Pickleball Paddle excels at generating impressive spin on the ball. The aerodynamic design and foam-injected walls work in tandem to give players enhanced spin capabilities, allowing for precise shot placement and increased ball rotation.

This feature makes it an ideal choice for players looking to add more finesse and accuracy to their game, providing a competitive edge on the court.

The advanced construction of the Vatic Pro Paddle harnesses its potential for increasing the spin rate of each shot, making it a valuable asset for seasoned players seeking superior performance.


The Vatic Pro pickleball paddle offers exceptional forgiveness, making it an ideal choice for players of all skill levels. With its foam-injected walls and thicker core, the paddle provides a larger sweet spot, reducing mishits and enhancing overall control.

The forgiving nature of this paddle allows players to make adjustments without sacrificing power or precision, resulting in improved consistency and confidence on the court. Additionally, the combination of thermoformed construction and carbon fiber technology ensures that the Vatic Pro paddle maintains its forgiveness over time, making it a reliable option for long-term use.

Furthermore, the forgiving characteristics of the Vatic Pro paddle contribute to a more enjoyable playing experience by minimizing vibrations upon impact with the ball. This feature not only reduces hand fatigue but also enhances comfort during extended gameplay sessions.


When it comes to weighting, the Vatic Pro Pickleball Paddle is designed with a strategic balance that enhances performance. The distribution of weight in the paddle contributes to power generation and maneuverability during play.

This careful consideration of weighting allows players to execute powerful shots while maintaining control over the ball, providing a competitive edge on the court.

Crafted with precision, the weighting of the Vatic Pro Paddle optimizes player experience by striking a harmonious balance between power and control. The thoughtful distribution of weight makes every stroke feel smooth and controlled, enhancing overall gameplay for aspiring and seasoned pickleball enthusiasts alike.


Transitioning from the importance of paddle weighting to another crucial aspect, let’s focus on the Vatic Pro Pickleball Paddle’s exceptional grip. The paddle is designed with a comfortable and non-slip grip that allows players to maintain control during intense gameplay.

The ribbed handle design provides players with stability and security, reducing the risk of slipping or mishandling even when sweat becomes a factor. Additionally, the cushioned grip offers comfort for extended play sessions without causing strain on the player’s hand.

The textured surface and ergonomic design of the Vatic Pro Pickleball Paddle’s grip contribute to an enhanced playing experience. This feature ensures that players can confidently maneuver and execute shots with precision while maintaining optimal control over every stroke.


The Vatic Pro pickleball paddle is designed to withstand intense gameplay, thanks to its robust construction and high-quality materials. The thermoformed technology combined with foam-injected walls ensures that the paddle can handle powerful shots without compromising its durability.

With a Toray T700 carbon fiber core, this paddle offers exceptional strength while remaining lightweight, making it an ideal choice for players looking for long-lasting performance.

Whether you’re playing recreationally or competing at a professional level, the Vatic Pro paddle’s durability gives you the confidence to play your best game every time.

In addition to delivering impressive power and control on the court, the Vatic Pro pickleball paddle is engineered for resilience against wear and tear. Its durable build makes it suitable for players who demand consistent performance from their equipment over time.

Pricing and Value for Money

The Vatic Pro pickleball paddle is competitively priced considering its professional-grade performance, making it a great value for serious players looking to elevate their game. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this exceptional paddle.

Professional use

Professional pickleball players will appreciate the Vatic Pro paddle’s competition-grade features, including its Toray T700 carbon fiber construction and hybrid shape for power and a lightweight feel.

The thermoformed construction and foam-injected walls contribute to enhanced performance, making it well-suited for high-level play. Its aerodynamic design further sets it apart, allowing professional players to maximize their power and control on the court.

As we delve into the paddle’s performance and durability, let’s explore how its cutting-edge design elevates gameplay beyond expectations. Next up: Performance and Durability.